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Tips for holidays in Santorini

1) The water in Santorini is not potable so you would do well to buy bottled water. Oia, which has a water desalination facility, is excluded.

However, according to some rumors from locals, the water helps the hair to grow.

2) It is necessary to have at least one bottle of water with you, every day, because during the summer, the weather in Santorini is dry and hot, on the contrary, the winter is mild and rainy, with a lot of humidity.

3) Do not for any reason rent an ATV if you have no experience as the roads are narrow and without guardrails.

4) We believe that the greatest comfort in a trip is the car, as you are not dependent on a person and you are free to go wherever you want.

If you are looking for car hire in Santorini, it would be a good idea to rent online as the demand is high.

The prices start from 20-25 euros per day and it depends on the type of car you want.

5) If you want to see the sunset in July and August, start your route at least 2 hours before to avoid the traffic.

6) In general, the road networks on most islands hide many dangers, so make sure you have a great time on your vacation without any surprises.

Single ticket for the museums of Santorini

If you are a lover of museums and archaeological sites, you can buy the single ticket for the museums which costs 14 euros and includes the Byzantine Museum of Pyrgos, the archaeological sites of Akrotiri and Ancient Thera, the Archaeological Museum of Thira and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera.

You can get the ticket at the first Museum or archaeological site you choose to visit.


For those looking for isolation, Vlychada is the ideal place.

Although a few umbrellas and sunbeds have recently been added at the beginning of the beach, there is plenty of room for natural swimmers.

The volcanic profile of the beach combined with the lunar rocks make you feel like you are on another planet.

In the port of Vlychada you will find taverns overlooking the sea and the luxury boats that dock there.

You will definitely need the right equipment and accessories for this beautiful, unorganized beach.


This cove located in Oia has enchanted even the most demanding tourist.

Enjoy the beach, with the caldera in Oia and its picturesque port as a background.

There you will find traditional taverns with a balcony overlooking the sea and a view of the boats moored there.

A beautiful bay, with affordable prices for those looking to try traditional ouzo and taste traditional mezes, gazing at the absolute natural beauty.

Are you wondering how to get to Ammoudi?

From the castle in Oia, go down the 214 steps that lead to the port.

You can also go down the road by car, which we would not recommend, as it is not the safest option in the summer season.


If you are looking for a beach with crystal clear waters, Armeni is the ideal place for you.

There you will see some people diving from the volcanic rocks, which are in the Sea.

One of the most suitable places for diving, due to its wild natural beauty.

On the beach, there is a diving center for those who want to explore the volcanic seabed of Santorini.

Access is possible on foot, from Ammoudi and by sea.

For the more daring, there is access from Oia, descending the 286 steps. The trail is not the safest option, due to rockfall from the caldera.

This is the most private beach of the island, as it is only accessible to those with a pleasure boat or boat.

The right place for those who love nudism, peace and isolation!

It is located between Imerovigli and Oia and you will definitely need to be organized, as you will not find anything else there, except abundant nature and the hidden church of the 7 holy children of Ephesus.

The easiest access is from the bay of Armeni by sea.


Due to the strong winds, it seems the ideal place for aspiring surfers.

It is only 3 kilometers from Oia and is located near a main road, which offers easy access to visitors and visibility of the beach from the road, in order to choose the spot of your choice.

The most organized part of the beach is called Paradise and is recommended mainly for families.

The sand is black in color due to the volcanic ash and the waters are shallow.

Suitable beach for those who want to avoid the traffic and the search for parking on the famous beaches of the island.

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