Life flows smoothly, when an unexpected plumbing failure appears and the plumber turns a blind eye to you! Of course there are two options: either try to fix it without help or put your hand in your pocket. Some plumbing faults can be repaired if you get caught. But if you are afraid that something will go wrong, it is better to trust a professional plumber. A plumbing repair that will not be done properly there is a high risk of developing into large and expensive damage. But what are these tasks?

Plumbing is a common source of problems in the home. If you do not want to resort to plumbing often, you should know that some of these problems are predictable or preventable. However, for the biggest problems hidden in the bathroom plumbing you will need professional help. ΥΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ are always there for you!

A great way to avoid costly repairs is a regular plumbing maintenance schedule. The “key” to finding minor problems before they cause other serious damage is an in-depth piping and drainage test.

1. Low water pressure

The problem of low water pressure may be related to the water supply to your area network. But often, it can also be caused by the accumulation of sediment, so a cleaning of the taps can solve the problem. If not, then there may be a more complicated problem. If you can not determine the cause of the water pressure drop, call a plumber immediately.

2. Leakage in the piping

Leaks can be very costly and create other more serious problems in building materials. Although replacing a leaking pipe is not a complicated task, it can be very frustrating at home. So, you may want to make a deal to completely repair the damage to save time and money on cleaning, removing materials, etc. Until the plumber takes over you can temporarily turn off the water supply to reduce leakage and not cause further damage to your home. Today, with the help of the thermal camera, we can locate exactly the point of leakage, without digging all the surfaces and without making unnecessary expenses.

3.The toilet bowl is running

Replace the internal mechanism in the cistern. For most models, ready-made mechanisms on the market work well. If you do not succeed, you will face a problem elsewhere it is better to call the plumber.

4. Clogged drains

If water from the bathtub, sink or toilet does not drain, you may have a complete or partial blockage in the drain. Often, the special suction cup can correct the problem, but it can not completely remove a blockage. So, it is better to seek help from a professional plumber to make a blockage, to avoid greater damage. The result is the accumulation of objects in the hydraulic piping, which leads to clogged drainage. From there, the sink  and other parts of the house start to become clogged. The plumber will have to block the drain with special equipment that you would not be interested in buying for an individual problem.

5. Slow bath drainage

If the pipes are full of bristles then the water is slow to leave the tub. Cleaning the sewer pipes can solve this problem. But even when the bathtub is drained properly, it is very important to regularly clean any residue that is left, as it can completely clog the piping and create bigger problems in the future.

6. The tap is dripping

A leaking faucet can be very annoying if you do not know how to stop it. This will cost you the water bill. All sinks are equipped with rubber washers for effective water flow retention. Some have durable ceramic rubbers for waterproofing. Due to physical wear and tear, they will need to be replaced at some point. If you can not do it yourself, it is better to call a plumber.

7. Smells in the drains

If the drain in your bathroom smells, it may be due to the dry environment of the pipes, damaged pipes, clogged drains or the old toilet system. Although there are some remedies to eliminate the odor, it is best to contact the plumber to identify the exact faults behind the annoying odors and to finally solve the problem.

8. Water heater damage

If you find that the solar water heater drops the fuse or it takes too long for the water to heat up, it is very likely that it needs to be repaired. The damage may be due to the solar collector, the boiler, the resistance of the water heater or it may have a leak. Even if they get in your hands, we would advise you not to try to solve the problem without the help of a professional. If we have turned on the water heater for a long time but the water has not been kept warm, it is very likely that the pipe insulation has been damaged. In this case they need to be repaired or replaced. As it is a complicated job, the plumber is the best solution!

9. Clogged Gutters

Blocked gutters are one of the biggest sources of problems in a home. When a gutter is blocked it means that either stagnant water remains on the surface which is slowly absorbed by the surfaces or overflows in places which can only cause problems. When a surface absorbs enough water it starts to have problems with moisture and mold.

Most of us have some basic plumbing fixtures in our home to deal with unforeseen and emergency problems in the bathroom plumbing fixtures. It often happens that minor damages occur that we may be able to fix ourselves, such as a clogged toilet bowl that will come off with the special suction cup and will work properly again. Such micro-repairs can be done easily if you hold your hands a little.

You may have technician skills and take care of your house a lot. However, if you encounter any of the above problems, do not try to solve them without help, nor ignore it. It can take on dimensions with very unpleasant consequences! 24gr has plumbers in Athens with many years of experience in the field, who undertake plumbing projects and other services as well, for many years.

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