6 things to look for when renting a home by Alfino Door

If you are planning to rent a house, there are some things you need to know to avoid some of the common mistakes that are usually made. Read Alfino Door‘s advice.

What are the most common mistakes? Read below the 6 most classic mistakes in renting a house and how to avoid them.

1. Do not sign a lease without reading it

Most people are not used to reading the rental agreement before entering a home. He just puts his signature and ignores the small details and fine print that often play an essential role.

The best solution is to give the contract to a lawyer or a friend who has some experience in renting a house. It is better to spend a few more days checking the contract before moving into your new home than to then have trouble paying for things you normally should not.

2. Take pictures of the house before moving

Before moving into a rental home, photograph any imperfections. Any imperfections in the home should be photographed, signed, dated, and sent to the homeowner.

This way the landlord will not be able to blame you in the future for damage you did not do to the home.

Do not rush to move, advise Alfino Door. Check the lease first before signing and checking the neighborhood.

3. Check your neighborhood

Visit your neighborhood day and night to see how quiet or “noisy” it is. Check to see if there are:

  • schools around you (which may bother you with the hustle and bustle they make),
  • shopping malls,
  • supermarkets (for shopping), bus stops (to get around more easily),
  • pharmacies (for anything urgent).

If you have the courage you can knock on 2-3 neighbors’ doors to ask them if your neighborhood is safe and quiet.

4. Make a rental insurance

It would be good to have rental insurance before entering the house you will rent to have peace of mind no matter what happens in the future recommend Alfino Door.

With security, you ensure that no matter what happens in the house (flood, fire, etc.) you are not going to pay for the damage out of your pocket.

It would be good to have rental insurance so that you are financially covered for any damage to your home.

5. Watch out for traps in the square footage of the house

Many people press it with the square meters of the house they rent. Usually, most tenants get stuck in a number and do not pay attention to basic details.

If the owner tells you, for example, that the house is 80 sq.m. but you are not convinced, call an engineer or do the measurement yourself to make sure it does not fool you.

Also often within the squares are included the terraces or some outdoor spaces.

6. Check if it has a security door and a security lock

Alfino Door security doors offer more security than burglary. Also, if there is no security lock, it is a good idea to replace the existing one.

If the landlord does not want to cover the costs, you can leave when the rental contract expires to put the old lock back and have it for your new home.

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How to paint your house yourself

How to paint your house yourself

Are you thinking of painting the house yourself – and you are stressed? So know that with the right tips and ideas, painting your home can become easy, fun and completely refreshing!

Painting the house internally or externally, is something extremely creative and refreshing. With the right instructions, using your imagination, personal taste and style that suits your space, you can easily paint your home interior and / or exterior and have an impressive result that you will enjoy for a long time!

Study the whole process below, step by step, find ideas, types and color combinations as well as valuable tips to make your home new, simple and fun!

Before painting

Before you start painting, you should make sure that the surface of the wall is clean and smooth, if there are small imperfections, use sandpaper to sand specific parts of the wall. If your wall is rough (as a style) you will not use sandpaper.

  • If there are nail holes in the wall, then take some putty and cover the holes with a spatula.
  • Apply a coat of primer to the wall, so that you then have a uniform and vibrant new color.
  • Apply paper tape to the corners, skirting boards, handles, hinges and generally where you do not want to be painted and firmly press the surface you cover.
  • Cover the floor and anything else you want to protect with fabric, for example old sheets or nylon cover.

How do you paint?

So now you have done the right preparation and all that remains is to dip the roller in the paint, in the sloping container, while it has got enough color and you have drained it slightly. Of course, first you have mixed the color very well!

Using wall paints you will find the right item for you, for indoor or outdoor space, for simultaneous insulation or ecological paints!

  • First do a test with the paint, painting a small surface and letting it dry for 2-3 hours. Do not forget to check the color at different times of the day.
  • When you are sure that the shade you have chosen satisfies you, start painting in a ripple and not a straight line from one point of the wall to another.
  • For the difficult points of the wall, which are close to the corners and the skirting, you will use a brush, which will make it much easier for you with the details.
  • To have a beautiful and uniform color, you must definitely pass the wall 2 coats.
  • Scrape the excess paint in the corners with a spatula.

Painting Tips!

It is good to wear gloves on your hands, and a hat on your hair, so as not to get dirty, while you will wear casual clothes that you will not care if they get dirty. Also, keep the windows open as much as you can, so that you do not inhale the paint in case it smells, but also so that your wall dries faster!

Choice of colors

The choice of colors is probably the most difficult part of the process, but do not be discouraged, following the right tips, you will reach the result that will justify you.

Colors for the living room

Think about the light and the colors, but also the style of the furniture that you have in your living room. For example, if your furniture has color, let the color on the wall act as a soft background for furniture and decorations. If the style you like is the modern minimal, fade out, choose two soft earth tones, such as gray and beige. If you prefer the darker shade over your sofa, it can also work as a background that highlights a table or a decorative element.

In general, you should take into account the colors that already dominate your space from the objects and choose colors that will harmonize with each other. So based on the furniture you already have, as well as the style of decoration, you will paint your house accordingly.

Colors for the bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you rest so it is good to use soft colors that will allow you to calm down and relax. You can choose colors that reminiscent of nature, from light green, gray, beige, yellow, to white (to match everything), terracotta brown or the pale blue of the sky. The wall behind the headboard of the bed can be painted a slightly more intense color, of the same color family as the other colors that dominate the space.

General tips for colors

In the colors for painting our house, the rule applies that if you want to light a room you use bright colors, while if you want to emphasize a decorative object, paint the wall behind it darker.

A narrow corridor will look wider if it is all painted white or beige (and the ceiling), while if you have a wooden floor in your house, you can paint the walls in warm saffron tones. Monochrome is always classic and stylish, while if you use different colors it is nice to fade harmoniously into each other, from room to room.


The same goes for painting your home exterior, with light shades and monochrome making it look bigger.

  • If the house is in nature and you want it to be integrated into the landscape, prefer natural (earthy) colors.
  • If you choose the combination of two colors, it is better to follow the rule where you paint the walls behind the facade in a darker color.
  • For example, on a terrace or balcony, the shaded wall can be painted a different color from the rest of the house. In this way you will achieve a more beautiful and harmonious result as the eye better understands the architectural arrangement of the volumes, without being confused.
  • If you prefer to take into account the bioclimatic factor, then you paint the facades that the sun sees more with light colors, so the exterior walls reflect and do not absorb heat, warming the interior of the house even more.

Types of paints

According to the needs of your home, you can choose from the popular interior painting plastics, acrylics, watercolors to elastomeric paints (with insulating properties), silicone, anti-mold, thermal insulation and fireproof wall paints.

Plastic paints

Quite popular in wall paints are plastics with main characteristics, high coverage, good spreading and fast drying, while it can also be ecological. Plastic paints are suitable for interior surfaces.

Acrylic colors

Acrylic paints are suitable for outdoor areas, as it contains acrylic resins that make it ideal for areas with humidity and extreme weather conditions (mountain, sea), as it combines waterproofing the surface and its simultaneous perspiration.

Water colors

The watercolor is suitable for stairwells or even indoor ceilings, as it has the property of leaving the surface pores open, resulting in the space breathing, absorbing moisture. It combines great whiteness with high coverage, easy application and very good spreading.

You can also learn everything you need about wall painting by Gikas Painting in New Jersey!

In addition to the trends and ideas in interior design magazines, you must follow your personal taste, imagination and style that expresses you! A very good tip is to try the colors in different parts of the walls, until you feel really beautiful with a certain color. This feeling of harmony and high aesthetics, is the confirmation that you have chosen the right color!

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7 common plumbing problems in the bathroom


Life flows smoothly, when an unexpected plumbing failure appears and the plumber turns a blind eye to you! Of course there are two options: either try to fix it without help or put your hand in your pocket. Some plumbing faults can be repaired if you get caught. But if you are afraid that something will go wrong, it is better to trust a professional plumber. A plumbing repair that will not be done properly there is a high risk of developing into large and expensive damage. But what are these tasks?

Plumbing is a common source of problems in the home. If you do not want to resort to plumbing often, you should know that some of these problems are predictable or preventable. However, for the biggest problems hidden in the bathroom plumbing you will need professional help. ΥΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ are always there for you!

A great way to avoid costly repairs is a regular plumbing maintenance schedule. The “key” to finding minor problems before they cause other serious damage is an in-depth piping and drainage test.

1. Low water pressure

The problem of low water pressure may be related to the water supply to your area network. But often, it can also be caused by the accumulation of sediment, so a cleaning of the taps can solve the problem. If not, then there may be a more complicated problem. If you can not determine the cause of the water pressure drop, call a plumber immediately.

2. Leakage in the piping

Leaks can be very costly and create other more serious problems in building materials. Although replacing a leaking pipe is not a complicated task, it can be very frustrating at home. So, you may want to make a deal to completely repair the damage to save time and money on cleaning, removing materials, etc. Until the plumber takes over you can temporarily turn off the water supply to reduce leakage and not cause further damage to your home. Today, with the help of the thermal camera, we can locate exactly the point of leakage, without digging all the surfaces and without making unnecessary expenses.

3.The toilet bowl is running

Replace the internal mechanism in the cistern. For most models, ready-made mechanisms on the market work well. If you do not succeed, you will face a problem elsewhere it is better to call the plumber.

4. Clogged drains

If water from the bathtub, sink or toilet does not drain, you may have a complete or partial blockage in the drain. Often, the special suction cup can correct the problem, but it can not completely remove a blockage. So, it is better to seek help from a professional plumber to make a blockage, to avoid greater damage. The result is the accumulation of objects in the hydraulic piping, which leads to clogged drainage. From there, the sink  and other parts of the house start to become clogged. The plumber will have to block the drain with special equipment that you would not be interested in buying for an individual problem.

5. Slow bath drainage

If the pipes are full of bristles then the water is slow to leave the tub. Cleaning the sewer pipes can solve this problem. But even when the bathtub is drained properly, it is very important to regularly clean any residue that is left, as it can completely clog the piping and create bigger problems in the future.

6. The tap is dripping

A leaking faucet can be very annoying if you do not know how to stop it. This will cost you the water bill. All sinks are equipped with rubber washers for effective water flow retention. Some have durable ceramic rubbers for waterproofing. Due to physical wear and tear, they will need to be replaced at some point. If you can not do it yourself, it is better to call a plumber.

7. Smells in the drains

If the drain in your bathroom smells, it may be due to the dry environment of the pipes, damaged pipes, clogged drains or the old toilet system. Although there are some remedies to eliminate the odor, it is best to contact the plumber to identify the exact faults behind the annoying odors and to finally solve the problem.

8. Water heater damage

If you find that the solar water heater drops the fuse or it takes too long for the water to heat up, it is very likely that it needs to be repaired. The damage may be due to the solar collector, the boiler, the resistance of the water heater or it may have a leak. Even if they get in your hands, we would advise you not to try to solve the problem without the help of a professional. If we have turned on the water heater for a long time but the water has not been kept warm, it is very likely that the pipe insulation has been damaged. In this case they need to be repaired or replaced. As it is a complicated job, the plumber is the best solution!

9. Clogged Gutters

Blocked gutters are one of the biggest sources of problems in a home. When a gutter is blocked it means that either stagnant water remains on the surface which is slowly absorbed by the surfaces or overflows in places which can only cause problems. When a surface absorbs enough water it starts to have problems with moisture and mold.

Most of us have some basic plumbing fixtures in our home to deal with unforeseen and emergency problems in the bathroom plumbing fixtures. It often happens that minor damages occur that we may be able to fix ourselves, such as a clogged toilet bowl that will come off with the special suction cup and will work properly again. Such micro-repairs can be done easily if you hold your hands a little.

You may have technician skills and take care of your house a lot. However, if you encounter any of the above problems, do not try to solve them without help, nor ignore it. It can take on dimensions with very unpleasant consequences! 24gr has plumbers in Athens with many years of experience in the field, who undertake plumbing projects and other services as well, for many years.

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Main Sewer Line Blocked


Main Sewer Line Blocked

In case of your main sewer line gets blocked you may need to use a septic system-pleasant product corresponding to Bio-clear Drain Septic Bacteria. When you consider drain cleaners, chemical products are probably the first that pops into your head. However, Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου suggest we better use DIY unclogging ways that are less harmful to the environment.

This generally acknowledged DIY ways are popular for good cause—it’s a great all-around drain opener that’s effective and inexpensive, as well. “If your kitchen sink runs slowly because of grease clogs, Diy home ingredients are crucial to have readily available.” “Preparing a distinctive powder formula makes use of a combination of natural bacteria and enzymes to cut by way of natural waste in your pipes.” Occasionally, sewer backups could be attributable to issues which might be more serious than your run-of-the-mill clog.

When you are accomplished, place the cap again in your drain pipe and use the pipe wrench to tighten it again up once more. That said, do not cease working the machine as quickly because the clog disappears. There may nonetheless be smaller pockets elsewhere within the pipe, which can trigger additional problems down the road.

Soda, lemon and salt accommodate a special mix of bacteria that digest and liquefy food particles, grease, fat, and oils. The thick formula will stick to the blades of your rubbish disposal, cleaning and deodorizing the equipment. These ingredients are septic system-friendly, and they have ascent that will leave your sink smelling nice.

Most houses built after 1970 have a number of clean outs as a result of plumbing code. For older homes with the unique plumbing, it’s best to have one put in.

Usual plumbing problems

With nowhere else to go, the water is just going to keep backing up into your home. Remember, this isn’t clean water, so cease including to it if in any respect possible. Apofraxeis Antoniou has offered superior plumbing providers to Athens Greece since 1979. Located in the capital city, Antoniou unblocking company cares about treating clients ethically and about supporting the communities in which we live and work.

Reviewers say it is straightforward to use and effectively reduces odours in garbage disposals. Similar to septic tanks, heavy obligation chemical drain openers may damage your garbage disposal, so you have to be careful about what you place down your sink. To successfully unclog your drain and clean up your rubbish disposal, call the professionals. If you could have a septic system, it’s best to avoid harsh chemical drain openers, as they can hurt your plumbing.

Call to schedule an appointment with a skilled and licensed plumber from Antoniou Plumbing & Disinfection. Professional plumbing firms like Antoniou’s Plumbing and Sewer Services have the experience and gear to clear the clog regardless of the place it is. Hydro jetting machines cost $1,500 to $four,500 on average for residential cart models and between $5,000 and $20,000 for commercial trailer models. Prices depend on the engine dimension, PSI, portability, and drain dimension capacity.

Apofraxeis Antoniou use caustic or oxidizing chemicals to dissolve whatever is clogging a drain. The chemical response between the clog creates warmth. It’s tempting to try to clear the clog. Don’t flush anything like facial tissue or paper towels, which won’t dissolve shortly or utterly sufficient within the pipes. These substances all tend to clump and solidify, and could cause or contribute to a future blockage.

After hydro jetting, tree roots typically take 3 to 7 years to grow back, with out chemical remedies. Eco-friendly and protected to make use of on every kind and sizes of pipes. Apofraxeis Antoniou are specialized in offering high-rated plumbing services to local householders for over 30 years.

Their licensed plumbers will make sure to fix your downside on the first visit. If you run an excessive amount of water immediately, it might trigger a rush of water back via the sewer line, creating a large flood in your basement. Run the garden hose into the sewer line via the clear-out plug. Make positive to run a lot of the hose as more as possible, so that it enters right or until you come up in opposition to it.

So pull on your work gloves and check out this guide on tips on how to fix a sewer clog with out having to dip into your own home repair emergency fund. If you solely have a blockage in a single pipe, you’ll be able to attempt to deal with it yourself with the above steps. Plumbing professionals estimate every of these jobs using a flat price for drain clearing providers.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Sewer Lines?


How Often Should You Clean Your Sewer Lines?

Remember to take away clumps of loose hair out of your pipes as properly. Make this task easier by investing in snugly-fitting, steel screens for all your drains. Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου share with us their advice and experience.

It’s safe to use DIY methods on all forms of pipes and with septic systems, and many individuals use it to open each major sewer and lateral traces. Numerous reviewers say this product was recommended to them by a plumber, and several other note that it’s incredibly effective on grease clogs. Three of the primary culprits when it comes to clogged drains are grease, roots, and bellied piping. Avoid pouring grease down drains as a result of it eventually turns strong and blocks sewer pipes.

How often should you clean toilet pipes?

Toilets have essentially the most direct path to the sewer, as well as the biggest drain line. If the clog is in your sewer line, you’re more likely to experience bother with your bogs first. Sewer scope inspection costs 40€ to 60€ on common, depending on the length of the pipes, local labour, if it is part of a larger job, and whether or not the video is recorded. Schedule a sewer inspection for drains greater than forty years old or strains with frequent blockages. If you run hot water straight from the tap, it might help unclog the drains or pipes which might be partially clogged.

Should you use a snake cleaner machine?

Acting quick may help you possibly can forestall the necessity for clog removing companies like Antoniou Apofraxeis. You can manually take away hair with a snake and remove soap scum with drain cleaner. A major sewer line may be snaked with an expert drain snaking machine utilizing a heavy duty cable and motor to push through the blockage. Main sewer snaking can be carried out through a ground degree accessible clean-out, a roof vent, or by pulling the bathroom and snaking by way of the flange. Your plumbers will come to your location and place a camera in the drain and scope the road.

Roots from trees and shrubs typically penetrate pipes and cause sewer again-ups so try to avoid planting them close to sewer lines. A bellied pipe or sagging pipe typically happens due to free soil round it. Once you could have cleaned your drains, attempt to maintain them free from debris. Avoid scraping an excessive amount of meals into your garbage disposal and never pour grease down your drains.

The really helpful time for the new water to run is roughly 5 to 10 minutes. Aside from this, the water can also be drained from the bathroom discuss and be replaced with sizzling water. “Improperly put in sewer pipes or pipes which will have shifted over time due to adjustments in your yard are additionally extra susceptible to clogs.”

When should you call an unblocking company?

When the blockage is affecting multiple plumbing fixtures, nonetheless, then there may be most likely a clog in the primary sewage. If you suspect this problem, instantly cease using your water provide and make contact with an emergency drain cleaning company. You can expect to pay 80€ on average to have a blocked bathtub or bathe drain cleared.

With regular upkeep, you can keep away from having to pay the costs for clearing clogged drains. If the line is damaged, hydro jetting is probably not a viable methodology. With heavy roots, the probability of roots coming back is high. Roots naturally seek the wealthy vitamins in the principle sewer line and can infiltrate a sewer pipe by even small seams or cracks and can cause major harm over time. Several plumbing fixtures are clogged on the similar time.If your toilets, kitchen sink and tub or shower are all backed up, you in all probability have a clogged sewer line.

Even with regular cleansing, the bathtub and shower drain pipes rapidly fill with debris, including hair, dirt, and cleaning soap scum. The particles sticks to the within pipe surfaces and varieties a blockage.

Although it’s normally a good suggestion, it isn’t at all times needed to hire an expert to resolve a blocked drain. You may be able to remove blockages in a single pipe with a plumbing snake.

How much does a unclogging service cost?

The common price to snake a primary sewer line is not that much, depending on the drain accessibility, severity of the clog, and labour. Snaking or rodding a main drain by way of the sewer clean-out is the most affordable technique whereas using the roof drain vent or by removing a rest room prices the most.

Costs to unclog a sewer line depend on the severity of the clog, accessibility, repairs, and native labour. This extremely-rated product comes in one-gallon jugs, and it makes use of a strong formulation to dissolve hair, grease, and different gunk that accumulates in drains.

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