If you are planning to rent a house, there are some things you need to know to avoid some of the common mistakes that are usually made. Read Alfino Door‘s advice.

What are the most common mistakes? Read below the 6 most classic mistakes in renting a house and how to avoid them.

1. Do not sign a lease without reading it

Most people are not used to reading the rental agreement before entering a home. He just puts his signature and ignores the small details and fine print that often play an essential role.

The best solution is to give the contract to a lawyer or a friend who has some experience in renting a house. It is better to spend a few more days checking the contract before moving into your new home than to then have trouble paying for things you normally should not.

2. Take pictures of the house before moving

Before moving into a rental home, photograph any imperfections. Any imperfections in the home should be photographed, signed, dated, and sent to the homeowner.

This way the landlord will not be able to blame you in the future for damage you did not do to the home.

Do not rush to move, advise Alfino Door. Check the lease first before signing and checking the neighborhood.

3. Check your neighborhood

Visit your neighborhood day and night to see how quiet or “noisy” it is. Check to see if there are:

  • schools around you (which may bother you with the hustle and bustle they make),
  • shopping malls,
  • supermarkets (for shopping), bus stops (to get around more easily),
  • pharmacies (for anything urgent).

If you have the courage you can knock on 2-3 neighbors’ doors to ask them if your neighborhood is safe and quiet.

4. Make a rental insurance

It would be good to have rental insurance before entering the house you will rent to have peace of mind no matter what happens in the future recommend Alfino Door.

With security, you ensure that no matter what happens in the house (flood, fire, etc.) you are not going to pay for the damage out of your pocket.

It would be good to have rental insurance so that you are financially covered for any damage to your home.

5. Watch out for traps in the square footage of the house

Many people press it with the square meters of the house they rent. Usually, most tenants get stuck in a number and do not pay attention to basic details.

If the owner tells you, for example, that the house is 80 sq.m. but you are not convinced, call an engineer or do the measurement yourself to make sure it does not fool you.

Also often within the squares are included the terraces or some outdoor spaces.

6. Check if it has a security door and a security lock

Alfino Door security doors offer more security than burglary. Also, if there is no security lock, it is a good idea to replace the existing one.

If the landlord does not want to cover the costs, you can leave when the rental contract expires to put the old lock back and have it for your new home.

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